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rakoon dis track=the end of koon

2009-08-18 17:36:54 by djzion

yo what up ng im in the studio with my n***a a-state and me and my boys are dropin the rakoon diss sence this little kid likes to talk shit well this track is going to end him and maybe the next track i drop. me and my boy's pen a gun are through with this little fake ass kid. R.I.P RAKOON. ya done. and im doin the beat. just a quick little something. ya see man i got real n***as on my back while you got n***as that you don't know who you chat on the internet with. keep being fake, your done. fake ass n***a.

and im done after this im sick of this beef bullshit im just getin my point across and if im a bitch rakoon why do you have your comment's disabled??? just as i thought scared ass pussy.


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2009-08-18 23:01:38

how did this whole thing start??

djzion responds:

i told rakoon that i am shocked that lejin is dead and that i give my respects to lejin passing and he just gets all pissed off at me. because even though i hate lejin i am not the type of person to be like yeahhhhhhhhhhh lejins dead hahaha im going to piss on his grave. and shit like that nah i give my respects and i know when to draw the line. and dude just gets all pissed but i remember when i droped the legends track he was all like" i can't wait to here this don't dissapoint me all on my dick then he teams up with lejin and now he is talkin shit about me just because he is so called on lejins side.

but it is what it is. yo stay up linx and keep dropin these mad hits.