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Posted by djzion - August 19th, 2009

well it looks like the people have spoken ill take the loss but you know what im leaving like a real man and not like a bitch. and heres another thing yall can talk all of the shit you want. but the truth is yall can stay on this dead ass site and another thing its internet beef not real life beef not threating in real life so rakoon say what ever you want to me. blog about me its what ever because i know for a fact that i will never see any of you cats in real life. so im going to live a real life and yall can stay here in the digital world.

so yeah you win rakoon so this fake ass n***a is going to do what he needs to do. LIVE A REAL FUCKING LIFE.

Posted by djzion - August 18th, 2009

yo what up ng im in the studio with my n***a a-state and me and my boys are dropin the rakoon diss sence this little kid likes to talk shit well this track is going to end him and maybe the next track i drop. me and my boy's pen a gun are through with this little fake ass kid. R.I.P RAKOON. ya done. and im doin the beat. just a quick little something. ya see man i got real n***as on my back while you got n***as that you don't know who you chat on the internet with. keep being fake, your done. fake ass n***a.

and im done after this im sick of this beef bullshit im just getin my point across and if im a bitch rakoon why do you have your comment's disabled??? just as i thought scared ass pussy.

Posted by djzion - August 16th, 2009


look how much you shit u know, mercury sent me a pm to apologize for the beef. so get off his dick. also you was apologizing right now and on lejins dick so don't act like you tough b4 this 17 year old go to your hood and punch a dent in u bitch. I can care less if your 26 with a job a bitch ECT. what are u telling me? your on ng & got exposed bout stealing a beat, shit you prolly stole all your shit. me and Lejin was cool before I even knew u on ng so nothing changed. watch your tongue when you talk about me son cause I ain't in the mood for lil kid antics. its either give me your address if u feel some type of way or hop the fuck off this 17 year old n***a dick, soft ass n***a.

yo i think that this is funny as fuck. n***a you from newyork. im from milwaukee i know that this broke ass 16 year old is not about to catch a flight or drive all the way down here to woop my ass or even try to and fly all the way back and talk shit. and if he does i got goons watin and i mean real n***as that don't play. so keep talkin shit bitch because your words don't phaze me bitch made dick ridin n***a. FUCK YOU. AND KEEP YOUR THOUGHT'S AND THEATS TO YOURSELF BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DO SHIT. BE A LEADER AND NOT A FOLLOWER. BUT YOU ARE A FOLLOWER AND I SEE THAT YOU RESPECT LEJIN. I THINK THAT IS FUNNY BECAUSE HE USE TO SHIT AND DISS RAKOON ALL OF THE TIME AND NOW HE IS ON LEJINS DICK AND DID RAKOON MAKE ROF??? AND NOW LEJIN TOOK OVER AND NOW CAJETE TOOK OVER LOL ALL OF YALL IS FAKE AND NG IS A DEAD SITE SO YALL CAN TALK SHIT ON HERE BECAUSE IT IS WHAT YOU FAGS DO BEST. AND I AM NOT ON LEJINS DICK. I JUST THINK IT IS FUCKED UP ON HOW HE IS DEAD.

but it is what it is im just going to let this little ass kid/boy run his mouth becuase i am a grown ass man and not a little boy. he can talk all the shit he wants im done here. i have a real life to live i can't live and stay on ng all day.

Posted by djzion - July 14th, 2009

immmmm back. well ng. im back and if some people don't like it o well. new update on the studio and new changes i might stay on here and i might not i don't know yet. and too any one that wants to talk shit go ahead its ng and yall live like 20 million miles away from me what . words are sopose to phaze me??? lol. . i was not going to come back on here but o well fuck it. and oh yeah the reason that i have not been on here is because i have been way too busy geting the final layout for my studio and also working in my boys studio with pen a gun. and yeah some of the tracks are done. so enjoy.