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well it looks that i lost lol o well yall can stay on this dead ass site.

Posted by djzion - August 19th, 2009

well it looks like the people have spoken ill take the loss but you know what im leaving like a real man and not like a bitch. and heres another thing yall can talk all of the shit you want. but the truth is yall can stay on this dead ass site and another thing its internet beef not real life beef not threating in real life so rakoon say what ever you want to me. blog about me its what ever because i know for a fact that i will never see any of you cats in real life. so im going to live a real life and yall can stay here in the digital world.

so yeah you win rakoon so this fake ass n***a is going to do what he needs to do. LIVE A REAL FUCKING LIFE.


damn dude whyd u remove it... i was planning on reviewing it today. The track was hard.. the intro was straight real shit being told. RESPECT for that bruh. Keep doin you

im going to re upload it just for the fuck of it. enjoy and i got some shit for koon. and lets see didnt lejin say that i stoled a track from sound click??? when in true reality i don't fuck with sound click nor do i go on sound click... and didnt lejin steal and post a track that dirty jerkins made???? damn oh and here is how much dick that rakoon rides.


by: LipzAKAmcrako0n
date: July 2, 2008

this is the sickest song you got on yah page
now stop the games and come threw nikka lets play razor tag pussy
aye when yah album coming out i wanna copp it, i want a whole box of them so i can use them as frisbies and yo when yo comming to meh hood yo and kellz can get it for real this shit aint a game no more all my nikkas is ready to knot you up fam no shag
July 2, 2008
Author's Response:

oooh im so scared is that ps3 grand theft auto 4 threat? or will your scared ass come outside and meet me? Lets do this midget i neva see your sweet ass but i got alot of people looking for your sweet candy ass you fucking pitiful digital gangster your fucking 4 foot 1 on a 2$ mic you broke starving bitch. Go down to your mommas babsement and collect some coind you stuffy nose mini mario faggot LOL!

N***as got your picture we coming to bang you out son get ready for youtube you gonna be a star on the ground. XD

After that we gonna throw u in thr trunk and give MPZ a hi 5 and drop your weak little ass off in Yoinks hood and ill let them go WWE on your midget crying abused ass looooooooool

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"Candyass mc coon gets shot down, AGAIN!"
by: brocov
date: July 2, 2008

Hey, I like milk and cookies as much as the next guy. But god damn!

I'm glad you took the time to expose this kid Lejin.
July 2, 2008
Author's Response:

hell yeah he cant hide we gonna catch this weak bitch and feed his face a beating!

and here is the track. http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/l isten/155473

you see look at how much dick rakoon rides. im just laughing at this little kid.

Oh.. and Lol @ Raccoon

lol big time ses. all this kid does is dick ride and jump on others dick's becuse he has no friends only digital internet friends. he talks so much shit on line. so he is all talk and um yeah im reuploading the track so enjoy.

umm... you do realize this isn't a dream? this is a real site where people come to share ideas... doesn't mean this is fake or this is some1s life...
So snap out ya dream and stop being a lil bitch and leave already no1 wants u here if u haven't noticed...

what life? you have none LOL!!!

wow lejin look whos talking coming from a guy who still lives with his dad and playing mmo rpgs all day. lamo.,